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As math is the universal language, we are capable of analyzing any dataset, regardless of the subject matter. Our specialties in statistics, geospatial analyses, and data visualization, allow us to identify and convey all significant patterns that will benefit your work. Our proficiency in a wide range of software packages ensures that your project will be handled using the best possible method.


Having earned advanced degrees in sciences with applied mathematical elements, and worked in the professional world modeling empirical data, we understand the end-to-end process of transforming a raw database into a meaningful deliverable. Our collective careers in academia and the private sector include more than two decades of experience, with analytical contributions to scientific journals, industry reports, books, newspapers, and magazines.


Your project and time are extremely important to us. We pride ourselves on our accuracy, timeliness, and customer satisfaction. We will work with you to develop a project scope based on the possibilities of your data, acknowledging potential limitations beforehand to maximize efficiency. Our customized approach will depend on how you intend to use and implement the results of the analysis. Our work is not done until you have the answers you seek.